The Importance Of Swimming Pool Circulation

Brad Hilbert
4 min readSep 24, 2020

Circulation is the first and most important step when it comes to taking care of your pool. When you circulate your pool you are filtering and cleaning your water. It also helps spread the chemicals throughout the water, very similar to sirring sugar through your cup of tea. Without proper and efficient circulation impurities and bacteria can build up leaving your pool cloudy and dirty. When you have good circulation in your pool it won’t just keep your water clean it will also decrease the amount of pool cleaning you will need to do and will also greatly reduce the number of chemicals needed.

What makes good pool circulation?

Every pool no matter how big or small should be equipped with a decent pump and filter. When the water is being circulated this is being carried out by your pump, As the pump is working it sucks water out of your pool by the skimmer, once the water is sucked out through the pump it then travels through your the pump and into the filter. The filters main purpose is to make sure the water becomes clean by removing particles that are making your water dirty. After the water has been cleaned by the filter it is then pushed back into the pool using a jet, you will find some pools have more than one jet and may even have more than one skimmer.

How to improve your pool’s circulation?

A handy tip to keep your pool’s circulation running smoothly is to make sure the jet is placed in a direction that is making the water spin through the pool. A good idea would be to point your jet towards the opposite direction of the skimmer, this will in hand circulate the water efficiently and ensure that the water is being mixed from the bottom to the top.

Hard to reach areas

You will find that no matter how good of a pump or filter you buy there will always be some areas that seem impossible to clean. Some of these areas include behind the pool ladder, around pool steps, underneath the skimmer and anywhere where there might be cracks and creases. Some of these areas are just unavoidable, you can point the jets in the direction as much as possible but most of the time they will need some elbow grease to get them clean using a pool brush.

Finding out your pool’s turnover rate is important

When talking about a “turnover “rate for your pool, this means the amount of time it takes to circulate your pool water through the filtration system. When it comes to a home swimming pool it is not that important to know the exact amount of time, the general rule is to allow your pool pump to run for 8–10 hours each day. The pool pump does all the work for you and it is the most important part of the circulation process, the key things you need to remember are as follows

1. Keep skimmer and basket free of debris such as dirt, leaves, insects

2. Allow the filter pump to run 8–10 hours each day

3. Keep one jet pointed towards the bottom of the pool

4. Clean your pool with a brush at least once a week to clean those hard to reach areas

5. Point your return jet to allow it to spin the water in the pool

Negative effects of poor circulation

When thinking about your pool’s circulation it is very similar to your own body, if you have poor circulation you will feel unwell, uncomfortable and it can lead to serious health problems. If your pool does not have the correct pool maintenance and poor water circulation it can lead to serious problems for your pool. Poorly circulated water will, in turn, not allow the sanitizing chemicals to spread through the water which means your pool won’t be clean and clear and the end result could mean your pool will become cloudy, green and dirty.

There are so many reasons as to why it is important to be on top of your pool maintenance, checking your pools water circulation needs to be the number one priority when following a pool maintenance schedule. Remember dirty filters mean slower flow, always check your pool filter regularly, always clean out your pool’s basket and make sure the valves in your pool are always open. Here at Barrier Reef Pools, we have over 30 years of experience in the pool industry and we have extensive knowledge when it comes to maintaining a clean and well-circulated pool. If you ever have any questions in regards to the performance and maintenance of your pool, feel free to give us a call and we will help in any way we can.



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